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 Movement is Life. Life is a Process. Improve the Quality of that Process, and you Improve Life Itself.

-Moshe Feldenkrais


How I got here…

In 2012 I moved back to my hometown of Flagstaff, AZ and completed the 800 hour Massage Therapy program at the Arizona School of Integrative Studies. I couldn’t have found a better approach to understanding a healthy and intuitive process by learning how to truly listen to the body. I love movement and believe our connection to our bodies is a way to better understand the world around us with respect, appreciation and LOVE. I’ve enjoyed my time working at Wellness Resorts, Spas, Wilderness Lodges in Alaska and my Private Practice now in Tucson, AZ.

why i’m here…

I specialize in providing injury rehabilitation and orthopedic influenced massage therapy. I believe the healer is WITHIN; the true healer is YOU. I am here to facilitate and bring to the surface the freedom, security and peace that is within yourself. Let’s make the world better, by starting with YOU. My approach to bodywork is structural, relaxing and corrective. I hope to help you surface a deeper body awareness and explore the possibilities with a lighter heart. 

When we FEEL better, we ARE better.

where i’m going…

I feel most alive when in motion, exploring the outdoors. My dream is to create a platform for you and your loved ones to enjoy the serenity of nature in a safe, intentional and healing way. I wish to take my credentials and experience in the outdoors by taking the office outside. Providing wellness retreats, adventures and opportunities to LEARN, GROW and THRIVE. Stay tuned for more details in 2020!!