Some people just ‘have it’. Sam is one of those people
— Lisa G.

I highly recommend Studley Therapeutics to help you improve your health, balance your life, relieve stress, care for an injury, or just to pamper yourself. Samantha has a vast amount of training and experience from sport injury, Thai massage, to deep tissue work. Whatever your needs/goals are, she will work with you. However the most special part of Studley Therapeutics is something that cannot be taught, I truly believe Samantha has the gift of healing. I encourage you to experience it yourself.
— Patricia S

My wife and I agree that Sam is the most gifted and intuitive practitioner we’ve encountered in our extensive experience due to our considerable ongoing physical issues.
— David M

Somehow, Sam just knows
— Gus A

I’ve had massages all over the world, and that was the most relaxing and therapeutic massage I’ve ever had.
— Kelly, C

I was very hesitant for my first massage and Sam eased my nerves and gave an excellent massage. I loved it!
— Bobbi N

I didn’t know what to expect, and her technique was so effective and felt amazing. I’m hooked.
— Damien R

Samantha’s massages are filled with magical healing hands that relax the muscles allowing trust and healing. I end up leaving the session with a feeling of bliss.
— Reggie S
After a session, I always leave feeling energized and lifted instead of groggy and tired! it’s great!
— Shannon S